Thursday, 5 October 2017

A forceful marriage

And I can see the girl who is getting married tomorrow is have a video call with her love for a last time. She is elegantly dressed in good clothes, looking pretty. This society is so cruel, they don't allow inter caste marriages. She is getting married under pressure of her family. She wants to be free, live some life in her way. After a lot of drama and resistance, she has to say yes, and here she is just a day away from day of her marriage with someone she doesn't knows.  I think short notice marriages are disasters especially for the one who is actually not ready to get married. 

.. to be continued

Unfair Life

She thanked everyone on her success not him. 
As he was her secret love. He read those thankful messages and cursed that her wasted his golden days. 
Secret love is often something that has a bad end.
This one too had a  bad end.
They are no more together.

Monday, 3 April 2017

An incomplete Love Letter.

Probably the very first love letter of my life, and it goes like this...
I don't know what all I will write, you will like it or not but could assure every bit of it would be true and I mean every single bit of it.
To be true I exactly don't know the date or time when I fell for you. It all started from asking "are you on whats app", and we are here now. From the day of our first introduction to the late night talks. The late night talks over numerous topics when we poured our hearts out. My dreams, my fears, my mistakes, my random thoughts, you listened to all of these without judging me.
I still remember our first meeting, Sector 14's market it was!! I was mesmerized by the way you blushed when we met. Your eyes glistened when you spoke. My heart skipped a beat and the nerves got tangled when I saw you. A finger brushing across my cheek, like wind, your laughter is like a resting sound in my eardrum.
The way you held my elbow at the juice shop and your lovely glare and my heart beats on the music of your laughter. When I see into your eyes, all I could see is purity and truthfulness.
Seems we have gone a long way, sitting just next to each other to the time sitting far off, craving to have your glimpse. Looking at each other as if we will sink in each other.
There are few people with whom I am open , free. I have less friends, I am an introvert but once I am open with someone, I am weird.



We are no more together.