Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Random again..;)

What do u do when you undergo an overflow of emotions, 
either be it of any type, joy or remorse. 
Pen down thoughts, the best thing i can do in this state, 
it makes me feel so better, 
it surely reduces the cyclonic activities at the back of my mind.
Sometimes, I have to just let the storm destroy me. Sometimes, I have just stood numb.
People ask me "How do you write such wierd stuffs, do u get much time to do these sort of things."
The only thing i could say that let it be wierd, the time they spend flirting and gossiping with girls or boys,
I utilise it for writing so called "wierd" stuffs!
Xams khatam.. Finaly year me entry,
still there lies no "exam over hurray" sort of feeling..!!
Whatever may be the reason.. 
I'll certainly not stop writing these stuffs.

Here's another one...:D 

If u soche sad sad, khud ko samjhe mad mad!

jigar if u ever had, make ua drawing in autocad!
Ye dunia ye deewar, tu q rhta beqarar,
sab k sab bekaar,
like a sh!tty nano minicar. .
Up n down wide ride. . .
janta kare genocide,
instead evry1 has right,
raise yo voice karlo fight. .
Every Sea has its shore,
sabka talent lies in earth's core!
Emerging guys making roar,
greeders demanding more n more!!

PS- a post after a long time..:) :)