Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Good Bye!! A Nano Tale

With a heavy back pack on his back he was heading towards the railway station. Was leaving the city forever, to start a new life, a new journey.
 In the back of his head he was still thinking about her, wanted to meet the very last time with her. Same as they met last time, eyes met and then went looked away and it happened with the exact same frequency as if everything is planned and synchronized.
Though he had informed her about leaving last night.

He: hi, wanna meet you.
She: Im out of town today. Would be back tomorrow evening.
He: Will you be able to meet.
She: will seee.

Complete hush!!

She never understood how much he loved her. He punches hard on the wall and sleeps in pain.

With all these memories in his mind he reaches a shop near the station. Lit a cigarette, one and only thing that loves him a lot, unconditionally.

Reached to the train in a rush, still expecting her there. Looking at every next face with so much expectations. The train blows horn Woooooooooo Wooooooooooo.
A million thoughts were hovering his mind. Gradually the train stared moving so did the tears from his eyes.

PS-I know im not that good at writing, feedback is welcome.