Friday, 29 July 2016

I am A liar.

Yes you read it right I am a bloody liar. Every time I lie that I am fine.
Yes dad when you ask how I am doing, shamelessly I lie that im fine but I'm not.
I feel broken, being a failure. I wish i could have made you proud.
I barely earn few bucks, sufficient enough which is required to be alive.
Wish I could do much better, living in hope that some day things would be fine, would be able to make you happy, have a settled life.
Dad, this world is shit, a serious shit, people are selfish. You have always taught me to be honest and true but I dont think this world can be conquered by these two qualities.
Like you I also don't want to be here. I need someone near me, someone from my family, there is so much negativity here.
Life is much similar to a robot. It is monotonus and boring.

I just hope things will go well sooner or later, convincing myself that its just a bad phase.

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