Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Finally they quit....

Yeah, this post is about the one n only all-girl rock band "PRAGAASH"

formed by three muslim girls Noma Nazir, Farah Deeba, Aneeka Khalid.

The journey started with The battle of bands competition in Srinagar, 

where they recieved an award for "Best Performance".

Although the band got a huge global online support, yet a handful of people were not able to digest their success. Just after coming in limelight those girls had to face a lot of verbal abuses, rape threats and intimidation. 

It was shameful to see those filthy comments on social networks.
The idea that young Muslim women ought not to be seen performing music in public doesn't makes any sense.
Its a fact that participation of 'Pragaash' in a CRPF sponsored event was ill advised. But this mistake was ought to be forgiven.
Sixteen other bands participated in the event. None of those bands as far as I know had young women or girls in them. None of them have been attacked online, in print or through the pronouncements of the Grand Mufti of Kashmir.
The Grand Mufti, Bashir-ud-Din Ahmad, he is the highest official of religious law in a Muslim country, he publicly criticized the band, stating that they were exhibiting "indecent behaviour" and that "this kind of non-serious activity can become the first step towards our destruction".
Issued a FATWA against the group, stated that music was 'not good for society'
They said that singing of these girl is not good for Islam,
they think its making Islam stronger, nah its not making us stronger

Being a responsible Muslim, personally its so hurtful, 
my heart feel a ting of sadness, don't they have the right to change according to the modern world.
"Just tell everyone we have quit. We are no more a band," these were the last stated word of of one of the member of that band.

Jammu & Kashmir's chief minister Omar Abdullah threw his support behind the rock band "Shame on those who claim freedom of speech via social media and then use that freedom to threaten girls who have the right to choose to sing. I hope these talented young girls will not let a handful of morons silence them," he tweeted.

Why the hell these "Religious Officials" don't stop the boys from ill behaving 
with females, those brutal men to respect their wives.
There had been so many proof's that Music in Islam is not Prohibited.
Its too ironic that at all spheres we see females getting supressed, in either ways, 
its a matter of fact that your heart wanna do a lot for them but it just end up writing a blog..:\ helpless feel!
Lines dedicated to them
Humare sapno ki mukhtalif si kaahani,
Unhone virodh kia, aur hum haar gaye..:( 
Hasrat hamari bhi hai yahi, choo lein aakash ko ♥

P.S-must check these screenshots

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